3 reasons to be on alignable

3 Great Reasons To Be On Alignable

If you are a small business owner and want to know where to spend some of your time when it comes to social media, you really need to be on Alignable The Small Business Social Network. In this episode “Small Business Stacey” and “Digital Dave” provide 3 great reasons to be on Alignable and how it can help you grow your business.

Hey, everybody. Small Business Stacey here with Digital Dave. We're giving you today exactly what you want for the holidays ... more. More customers, more leads, more sales, and more money. How can you do that? Well, we're going to share with you three ways that you can do that on Alignablethe Small Business Social Network.

When you ask small-business owners though what they want on Main Street and beyond, it's more. More leads, more customers, more sales, and more money. Especially for the business owner on Main Street and beyond who's looking for sort of a hyper-local customer. There's a great small business social network called Alignable that can be used for local marketing, and that's why today we're excited to share with you three ways that you can use Alignable, the small-business social network. Dave, you ready to do a quick demo?

I'm ready to turn it on. Let's crank it up.

Okay. All right, got it. Alignable is sort of a hyper-local version of LinkedIn really used for local marketing. Before, when you wanted to network with small and local business owners, most people went to LinkedIn. Thank goodness Alignable was created. This is a great place for small and local business owners to connect.

When you create a profile in Alignable, and you go to My Network, you'll see that I currently have 154 connections. Alignable will make suggestions for you of businesses that it thinks you would like to connect with or those that are nearby or in different categories. All you need to do is click the Connect button and reach out to them and start a conversation.

A second way that Alignable is great is that you can ask questions and get answers to things that you have questions about. When you click on the Q&A forum on the top bar, you'll see that you can ask a question. Sort of like the other social platforms, you have a feed here where you can see the questions being asked.

There was a question, "How do you handle taking time off for the holidays?" Very popular. 120,000 people viewed it, and 9.1 thousand people like it, and a lot of comments. There's a lot of engagement on this platform, and you can pick the specific areas perhaps that you may be interested in by ... are you interested in operations, administration, finance, and of course, marketing? Dave, you want to add anything in here?

No. I have a question, though.

Uh-oh. Okay. What's next?

What's next? Well, we're going to move on to number three, the third reason to use Alignable. This is probably the most powerful local marketing because you can create promotions for your products and services and post them on Alignable. We're logged into my profile, the Small Biz Marketing Specialist, and some of my marketing programs are listed here. When you add in a promotion or an event, it gets promoted out to everyone in your network.

The whole point of Alignable is that you're notifying your network, aka the businesses in your area, to what's going on in your business. Do you have an event, a promotion, a sale? The great idea is that you can partner with those local businesses for word of mouth and sharing promotions. Alignable is a great way for the hyper-local small-business owner to connect with other people in their area.

3 Reasons To Be On Alignable

Give me an idea, Stacey, if you know, how many small businesses use Alignable now compared to just, like, a year ago. I mean, you've been pretty active on Alignable over the last year. What do you think as far as the popularity of Alignable is for small, local businesses now versus a year ago?

I find that a lot of small-business owners are finding that this is their go-to social platform now. For example, I have a client who is a dessert shop in a local area, and they do very well by posting their promotions on Alignable so that the other businesses in their area then see what's happening in their shop. They will get calls and emails and outreach on Alignable from shops down the street that want to then partner with them. It's a great opportunity to share your promotions, co-partner on events, and get more customers for everybody.

And you make friends, too. I mean, a lot those local businesses right down the street ... I bet you right now, you don't even know who the people are that run those businesses. Just think how much you can improve your business by all of you working together to help promote each other's business. That's the idea of Alignable and being a part of a small, hyper-local social business network, like Alignable.

Exactly. I mean, to me, Alignable is the place where small businesses go to become big because working together, you're creating a bigger reach. Partnering together, in you're local market, you're going to be able to create bigger promotions and do things that perhaps you as one individual couldn't. By partnering with the local businesses in your area, you're going to have a much better reach, and therefore, better results with your marketing.

Yeah. You could have Taste of, you can have block parties, and all kinds of things like that where you can post your promotions for these events right on Alignable, get everybody in the network or in that locality involved, and really make every event, including your events, a success.


Well, that's it.

All right. Well, go ahead and use Alignable. When you go on there, go ahead and connect with me, Small Business Stacey.

About the Author Stacey Riska

Stacey Riska is a serial entrepreneur who eats, breathes and lives marketing. She's on a mission to help businesses stop chasing shiny objects and instead focus on building the foundations of a solid marketing strategy. She's the author of "Small Business Marketing Made EZ" and "Cups to Gallons". When she's not busy helping businesses get their marketing into ACTION, she loves spending time with her husband, a great bottle of red, and chocolate (who wouldn't!)