Inbound Marketing

“Marketing has never been easier since working with GiD. For years we were so busy chasing new customers. We were just flushing money down the toilet with Facebook ads that never converted. We now have an inbound marketing strategy that attracts customers. We’ve even doubled our prices without any negative impact.”

Build relationships all along the customer journey

Finally, a company that has an inbound marketing strategy that is common-sense, doesn’t break the bank, and brings in real measurable ROI.Before working with GiD Marketing, we were just following the herd, doing what everyone else was doing, despite none of it working for anyone. GiD Marketing calls it “ant marketing”. Guilty as charged.

Everyone knows that magnets attract. GiD Marketing created and implemented our inbound marketing system. Whereas we used to deliver the same message to everyone, we now “deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.” Instead of chasing customers, we attract them. Like a magnet.

And in doing so we’re getting better quality customers, who don’t make decisions exclusively on price. They pay, stay, and refer. It’s a wonderful cycle and has allowed us to double our prices without any negative impact.

Our inbound marketing funnel now consists of different types of content specific to the different stages of our sales funnel. We never had any of this before! Top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, bottom of the funnel, we had never even heard of these terms. Thank goodness for GiD Marketing. We now have content to help prospects along their customer journey with us. In the past, we’d send a few followup emails and if they didn’t buy, those prospects went into a black hole. GiD Marketing built a marketing system that nurtures those leads with a multimedia, multi-touch approach that will maximize your online reputation. Business is better than ever and we’re finding that we’re building relationships with customers now, not just selling them stuff.

It’s a big difference.

“People buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell to them.” You need an inbound marketing machine that attracts your perfect customer, client, patient, or member. Content that gets them to raise their hand and say “Yes I want to know more!” Then drip valuable content that showcases your expertise and experience. Not just 2 or 3 generic emails, but targeted communications that build your know-like-trust factor.

We’ll help you create content for every step of the customer journey, from a new lead who is just starting to look for the products and services you offer, to the prospect who is validating that you are the right choice.

Are you ready to get your inbound marketing into ACTION?

To get your Marketing Into ACTION, maybe some kind words from our customers and partners might help ...