Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing was such a time suck. So many platforms, so little time and expertise. Thank goodness for Get It Done Marketing. They help us share our story with the right audience on the right social platforms.”

Social Media Marketing that builds awareness, relationships and authority

Sharing a picture of myself from the 80’s? Never would have thought of it. But it was one of my most engaging posts. It allowed me to strike up conversations with leads and prospects who were not engaging with any of my other social content. I even got one new coaching client from a picture Get It Done Marketing posted of me at my high school prom.

I always felt I had to be so “professional” on social media. When I was managing my on posting it was stale and boring. Now the Get It Done Marketing team manages it all for me – creating eye-popping design and copy that engages, increases awareness, and drives traffic to my events and programs.

Welcome to social media, home of over 1.5 billion Facebook users, trillions of tweets and an estimated 19.7 million plus selfies. Not to mention the huge growth of video. In marketing your business, you’re faced with the daunting task of standing out and building relationships with your visitors — and it’s sink or swim. But on social, you’re not a “person”, you’re a brand. No one cares if you just had an amazing spicy tuna roll. No one goes to Facebook to buy your stuff. Sorry, but true.

What you need to stand out isn’t a flood of tweets. It’s not a paid campaign without any coherent strategy behind it. You need a team of social mavericks on your side — strategists who think in hashtags and creatives who speak in 280 characters or less. A team of social media marketing experts who will dig deep into your audience, create messaging that engages, and make it their mission to spread your story on any channel, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and beyond.

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.

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