Email Marketing

“We’d send one email and then wonder why our phone wasn’t ringing. Looking back at how terrible our email messaging was and how inconsistent we were with communicating with our leads, no wonder we had terrible results with our email marketing.”

Emails That Get Opened, Read and Responded To

As a coach, I’m so passionate about helping my clients transform their lives, and I’m pretty good at it. Doing Facebook lives, strategy sessions, even speaking at live events. I can do any of that. But when it came to writing emails, I’d sit just staring at a blank screen. It was so frustrating!

I invested in Infusionsoft so I could better communicate with my audience and implement some email marketing automation.

All I ended up doing was sending the same message to everyone. I had no clear cut strategy to my email marketing strategyAutoresponders, automation, long-term-nurture, A/B testing . . . these were foreign words to me.

Until, I found GiD Marketing.

They’re Certified Infusionsoft Partners so they know how to setup and manage my CRM to ensure I’m “delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.”

What a game changer!

They’re able to take the content I create and repurpose it for email. Whereas I was only sending out a generic email, and never on a regular schedule, GiD Marketing uses the data in Infusionsoft to deliver targeted email messages based on interest and behaviors from your prospect and customer email list. Prospects continually tell me they feel I “get” them because my emails are so specific to them.

I’m so thrilled with the high open, click-thru and engagement results I’m getting. My sales are the highest they’ve ever been and I don’t see anything stopping it. There’s something powerful about being seen in the inbox on a regular basis. I’ve had clients tell me they’ve been getting my emails for over a year and because I was consistently providing helpful tips and information they wouldn’t work with anyone else.

Everyone is preaching “email is dead” but I’m a testament to it’s success. But truly, it’s because I have an incredible team helping me use it to maximize ROI.

Just because everyone uses email doesn’t mean you can hit send and the dollars will flow in.

It’s time to upscale your email marketing, making them better, more personalized, and more profitable.

Stop sending emails that are generic. Every contact in your database is a unique person with unique needs. If you want your opt-in email marketing to work communicate with them as such! Send emails readers want to read and will engage with. Beautiful and well-designed emails, that are not only useful, but look good no matter what the screen size. Your email marketing plan will have a concise strategy behind it, not just hitting send because email is “cheap”.

Ready to get your Email Marketing Plan into ACTION?

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