Local Marketing

“There is something really powerful about going out and shaking hands with our clients and prospective clients. And it’s amplified being able to support the community we live in and do business in.”

Bring Your Business To The People ... and The People Will Bring Their Busines To You

Every digital marketing agency out there is preaching to do everything online. When it comes to local marketing perhaps you’ve heard these statements from companies you’ve spoken with:

“We’ll get you on the first page of Google.” 

“You need more positive reviews. Don’t worry about it – we’ll post some fake ones and no one will know.”

“Guarantee? No. We won’t guarantee anything.”

If you’re sick of the crap and want a local marketing strategy that will get your phone ringing, customers coming in, and the beautiful cash register sound ... cha-ching-ing (yes that’s a word), then you’re in the right place!

Our approach is organic and responsible. We help you tap into the lucrative local marketing opportunities available in your community.

Farmers markets, schools, churches, pools, sporting leagues . . . these are just a few of the many local marketing opportunities available to you ... literally almost everyday of the year.

Taking your business to the people is a game-changer. Allowing people to taste, test, engage, and even buy your products and services actually drives traffic back to your store location and/or your website.

As a local business, you have the power to build your own community within your community. Research shows 91% of customers say they are willing to switch brands if it means supporting one associated with a charitable cause. And 85% of consumers will have a more positive image of your local business if you support a charity they care about.

Let us help you build out a local marketing plan that builds your business growth while helping you become closer to your community.

Could your business benefit from being mobile? A dog groomer that goes to the dog owners’ home. An auto repair shop that fixes cars where they’re broken down. A pizza shop that makes more money from their food truck than their physical store location. Imagine never having a bad location because your business is on wheels. These are just a few of the businesses we’ve helped leverage the power of local marketing.

Stop surviving. It’s time to thrive with local marketing.

Local marketing is much more than just showing up on a map on Google, or setting up a profile on Alignable. It’s a lot more than SEO. It’s definitely more than saying you’re a “local business.” It’s about making sure you show up in the best way possible, both online and offline.

Ready to get your Local Marketing Plan into ACTION?

To get your Marketing Into ACTION, maybe some kind words from our customers and partners might help ...