Marketing Strategy

“It’s so empowering to have a marketing strategy and plan that works like a well-oiled machine. I can now focus on doing what I do best and leave the rest to Get-It-Done Marketing.”

Put Your Marketing Strategy Into ACTION

Hi. I’m Ruth Malkin, now the #1 realtor in Greater Boston thanks to the marketing efforts of Get-It-Done Marketing.

I used to get so frustrated with what I was being told to do to market my real estate business. “Run Google Ads”, “Run Facebook Ads”, “Pay For SEO”, “Buy Zillow’s Premium Service Package”, “You have to pay to play.”

Yes, real estate is extremely competitive. But I just didn’t agree that doing what everyone else was doing was the best marketing strategy. I also was adamant about not flushing money down the toilet with online advertising when everyone else I spoke to wasn’t seeing any positive ROI from it.

I wanted to find a marketing team that could support me and my team. Marketing was not and is not my strength. I was so grateful to have found Get-It-Done Marketing.

They gave me clarity on where and how to focus my marketing efforts – and it didn’t involve running online ads. I now have a simple marketing plan that gets results. My business has grown year over year and I continue to be the #1 agent.

I am found on the first page of Google ORGANICALLY amongst huge companies such as Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia. People reach out to me saying “I have to work with you. Your approach is just so different from everyone else. You understand me and my real estate goals.”

That’s because Get-It-Done Marketing helped me create content positioning me as the “go to” source in my area. I provide content that is helpful, not salesy. I started doing video which has made a huge impact in driving new leads and building relationships. I have the most positive reviews on all of the real estate sites. 

While I used to be very sporadic and inconsistent with my marketing, I now rely on Get-It-Done Marketing to drive the marketing strategy and plan. Whatever they say I do because it works.

If you’re sick of flushing money down the toilet with marketing that isn’t working, you’re in the right place. Other marketing agencies start with media. They run ads, test different messaging, see who responds. It’s completely backwards. No wonder the results are horrible and you’re so frustrated.

We use magnetic marketing principles that ATTRACT not chase customers, clients and patients. In creating your marketing strategy we always start with the “who”. Your messaging will be so targeted and precise, prospects will say “Wow, that company gets me!” You’ll know where they “hang out” so it’s easy to pick the right media (and it’s usually NOT Facebook ads).

Your magnetic marketing strategy will be built on getting your perfect customer, client or patient to raise their hand and say “Yes I want to know more”. Then providing valuable content that positions you as the expert authority so that when they’re ready to buy you are the only one they want to work with.

This builds a loyal base of customers, clients and patients who leave rave reviews, refer others, come back again and again with open wallets, and ultimately become your brand ambassadors.

That’s the marketing strategy we’ll create and implement for your business.

Ready to get your Marketing Strategy into ACTION?

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