Reputation Management

“It’s not what you say about yourself that matters. It’s what others say about you that matters. GiD helped us leverage our online reputation management by putting a system in place to get more reviews from our clients. We now have an average 4.9 rating on Google and new clients tell us they chose us because of our online ratings.”

Something to be proud of ... your reputation online and offline

Hi. I’m Kelli Johanson, owner of Ideal Property Investments. I help aspiring real estate investors build a portfolio of rental properties so they can achieve their financial freedom. A real estate investor looking for a property management company is going to want to ensure they’re working with a trustworthy, competent, and reliable company.

I always knew reviews were important to but I never understood how to manage our online reputation. I was frustrated with the few negative reviews being posted so I just ignored it hoping it would go away. It didn’t. And it was impacting my reputation management (and mood).

I had no idea where to start or what to do until . . . I found GiD Marketing. They “get” reputation management. They got my company set up on all of the different review sites and put a process in place to get more ratings and reviews. Within just a few months, our online reviews had increased from an average of 2.8 stars to now an average 4.9 stars (out of 5).

Your online reputation can make or break the decision of someone doing business with you. Companies that only receive one or two stars on websites like Yelp or Google risk losing 86% of their prospects.

Stop standing by just watching your online reputation “happen”. We help you build a brand where your customers, clients, patients and members are excited to share their experiences. A system that gets them to leave rave reviews, refer others, come back again and again with open wallets, and ultimately become your brand ambassador.

Ready to boost your reputation and brand?

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