Content Marketing

“We never really thought about content. A blog post here, a social post there. No wonder people weren’t finding us. GiD's Content Marketing process has shown us how to leverage and repurpose content so it really resonates with our customer avatar.”

No vanilla cookie-cutter content marketing here

At Sylvester Electric, we were probably like you. I managed our own content, publishing to a blog maybe once every few weeks. Our content was haphazard with no keyword research, no theme, no strategy.

We needed content that our customers actually wanted to read and share – white papers, articles, tip sheets, infographics, all created by subject matter experts. The problem was creating quality content regularly was hard to do.

So I went in search of a solution and I found it – Get It Done Marketing

Here’s how it works: Our marketing team researches to find out what’s trending in my industry, they do the keyword research, they build out an editorial calendar, and they create one great piece of content that gets repurposed into multiple media.

Now our content isn’t an afterthought and it’s working. Numbers are up: traffic, sales, rankings, social shares.

Get It Done Marketing powers it all because the key to great marketing is great content.

Content isn’t just something to create. It’s a way to nurture your avatar and build your know, like, trust factor.

On the web, in social media or in an email, we help you use all types of content strategically based on how your audience consumes it. The right mix of compelling content will help your brand break through the noise, reach your core avatar and drive conversions.

We help take your prospects on an immaculately-planned buyer’s journey from first touchpoint to final conversion. We’ll draw the map – and write the guidebook.

Ready to get your content marketing plan into ACTION?

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