Direct Mail Marketing

“While everyone else in our industry is so busy chasing shiny objects doing everything online with their marketing, we are CRUSHING it by focusing on delivering our message through the mailbox and it is working. Our “Smoothie-in-a Box" direct mail campaign brings in $800 for every 3 packages we send out.”

Get Your Message Directly Into The Hands of Your Perfect Customer

What if you could get a 400% or higher ROI on your marketing? You can with a successful direct mail campaign.

Consumers of all ages trust direct mail more than their digital marketing counterparts. They consider it more personal. After all, when you receive mail at your office or when you get home what’s the first thing you do? Look at it and when designed correctly, you’ll open it.

Direct mail is interactive. It’s memorable. It’s keepable.

We’ve helped clients create and implement direct mail campaigns that drive massive leads and get the phone to ring.

A coffee and smoothie business sent out a “Smoothie-in-a-Box” that looked like a gift being sent from a tropical island. There was no way the recipient was not opening it. Inside was a personalized “airline ticket” offering to take them and their staff to Hawaii for less than the price of one plane ticket. 

This package, which only cost $6.00 to put together and mail, brought in an $800 average catering job for every 3 packages sent out. Would you send out three $6 packages to bring in $800 (that is the 400% ROI from above ... $800 received divided by $20 spent = 400% ROI ... this is real)? Heck ya! Wash, later, rinse repeat. That’s what we did. It was so successful the company had to turn down jobs because the staff could not logistically handle any more ... yet another benefit ... allowing the company to be selective and take the most profitable jobs first. 

How about using direct mail to bring back your customers, clients, patients and members?

People love to be entertained and love to know they’re missed. Our “Boomerang Campaign” brings back lost customers who made a purchase in the past but haven’t been back in a certain amount of time. This direct mail campaign works with all of our clients in every industry, from a real estate agents, to restaurants, to dentists, electricians and an even auto repair shops.

Reach more customers, quickly and affordably. 

Direct mail is still effective and using it is a game-changer for any serious marketer. It allows you to personalize your message to your perfect avatar. Combined with online marketing it is the one-two punch that will give you knock-out results and ROI.

Ready to get your Direct Mail Marketing Plan into ACTION?

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