Marketing Automation

“We were so inefficient, with so many different systems that didn’t talk to each other. We knew we needed a good marketing automation solution, but had no idea where to start. Our sales team would keep track of their deals in Excel, while the marketing team had their own tools. We were siloed with departments not knowing what the other was doing. Thank goodness GiD Marketing got us setup on Infusionsoft. We now have one automated system that manages it all.”

Marketing Automation That’s Personal and Purposeful

Marketing automation campaigns that get triggered based on behavior and segmentation. It’s something we never had before and is now one of our top marketing tools. Our sales team would dial for dollars having no idea if the person they were contacting would have any need or interest in our solutions. Sure we’d send out a bunch of emails, but the messaging was completely generic. No wonder our open and click rates were abysmal.

Having the insight in real-time that someone took an action or could be interested in our solutions was a game-changer. Marketing automation that would notify the appropriate person so nothing fell through the cracks. Now when our sales team reached out, we had behavioral insight into what their interests were. We could actually have a meaningful conversation. It allowed us to build relationships.

Our sales team didn’t have to sell. They just had to listen and understand the customer data. Our marketing automation CRM is now the central hub of our organization. Marketing has powerful dashboards to monitor what’s most important to our growth. No more vanity metrics here! GiD Marketing has help us to measure what matters: revenue generated from specific marketing campaigns and promotions.

Say good-bye to one-size fits all marketing. Imagine a business with all of the tools you’re already using, so everything is in one place. Successful Marketing automation that will allow you to be so precise with your segmentation that customers, clients, patients and members will be thrilled to hear from you. And a CRM your team will actually use.

This is not a dream. This is your reality when you have a marketing automation tool that delivers targeted messaging and promotions based on precise segmentation. Say goodbye to generic mass marketing that never worked anyway!

It’s time to get personal, build relationships and create better marketing campaigns. Are you ready to get your Marketing into ACTION?

To get your Marketing Into ACTION, maybe some kind words from our customers and partners might help ...