What our wonderful clients and customers are saying about us

"Before working with Stacey and her team I was a struggling realtor. Today I am the #1 producing agent in my area. I could not have done that without Stacey's marketing brilliance."

Ruth Malkin
Realtor, Vice-President Compass, Greater Boston

"I always knew I needed to do marketing. My challenge was getting it done. Stacey and her team manage all of our marketing every day and our business has continued to grow year after year."

Nick Sylvester
Owner, Sylvester Electric

$100K in revenue to my bottom line. Revenue I never would have seen that was right there in front of me. Having a team of talented marketing professionals has helped me grow personally and professionally. Every small business owner NEEDS marketing assistance and no one will be more committed to your success than GiD Marketing!"

Dr. Ray Ilg
Olive Branch Wellness

"Anyone who is self-employed or owns a business should not be doing their own marketing. It is typical for businesses to experience issues or roadblocks that prevent positive growth. GiD Marketing allows you to see these issues from a different perspective which helps get to the root of the problem and creates an environment that often leads to a simple and easy solution. I would highly recommend GiC Marketing!"

Jim Palmer
Dream Business Academy, Author and Coach

"I’m excited! I have an entire marketing team to help me craft my biz. I’m so grateful for GiD Marketing helping me create a marketing plan that defines my avatar with targeting messaging using the right media. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This team knows their stuff I highly recommend GiD Marketing!! 👍👍👍👍👍 If your biz is looking for the next level you’re in the best place at the right time."

Paul Finkelstein
Mobile Portrait Pros

"My experience with GiD Marketing has been transformational. Starting from zero, they’ve helped me expand internationally and build a base of clients I love serving. I’m so grateful to have a team supporting me every day with my marketing."

Susann Orosco

"Professionalism. Personalized service. Hands down this is the best marketing agency we’ve ever worked with! GiD has either met or exceeded every goal we’ve set. Thank you!"

Doug Barnes

"Life before GiD Marketing was very chaotic – definitely “spaghetti marketing” with little results. Today my business looks completely different – revenues increasing month after month and my time freed up so I can support a foundation in Africa that I’m passionate about. As a coach, I always struggled with it just being me to do it all. Now I have a marketing team that just gets it all done flawlessly."

Laura Noel

Stretch Into Success

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