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The ABC’s of Social Media Marketing

Well, you got to know the ABCs, so that's what we're starting with today. The A of your social media marketing plan is all about your avatar. You need to know your who, who is your perfect customer, client or patient. When you get crystal clear on that, it's very easy then to know what social media platform they're hanging out on. If you're trying to reach a corporate executive, a vice president an HR manager, a CEO, chances are they're not hanging out on TikTok, so it's really important to know your who and what groups they hang out because then you can be active and participate with them on social media.

The B of your social media marketing plan is about boring and you know what? Don't be that. Don't be boring on social media. Don't just post stuff to post stuff. Have a cause, have a reason. Make sure you're following your content plan. You want to post different types of content. Some can be texts, some can be images, you should definitely be doing video but post things that are engaging, polls, questions, things that get people to comment because that's what the social media platforms wants you to do.

Which brings us to the C of your social media marketing plan, which is communicate. You need to be on social media regularly. You need to be posting at least once a day but look at your analytics and know when your audience is on there. Are they in there on the morning, maybe at lunchtime, maybe in the evening and if they're there all those times, then you need to be communicating with them when they're on the platform.

Now, I do have a few other C's that I think are really important to your social media marketing plan.

  1. The first is to care. You need to be on social media to share your expertise and your brilliance and you do that by providing content and tips and of things that you've learned, lessons learned, even if it means being transparent and pulling back the curtain and sharing that, right?
  2. It shows that you care, that you want to help other people and you also do that by C, commenting. Not only on your posts but especially on other people's posts because as I've said in a previous video, there is now the death of the like button. See, Facebook and Instagram don't care anymore about how many likes your posts get. What they care about is engagement, how many people are commenting, how many are sharing and the more that you get of that, the higher it will be bumped up in the feed.
  3. The final C I want to share with you today is a calendar. You need to have a social media content calendar that follows your regular content calendar. What is your theme of the month? What social media posts are you going to create that tie in with that theme? If you build this out ahead of time, then it will be crystal clear and make your whole social media marketing plan so much easier. If you're still struggling with that and how to do it, then grab a free copy of my social media content calendar template. I lay out over 12 months, every single day. Content, holidays, hashtags that you can literally take, swipe and deploy so you can start leveraging social media marketing to bring in more business.

    Grab your free copy Go grab your copy now and come back and comment below. What is your biggest a-ha? Which holidays are you going to tap into? What hashtags can you use to help grow your business? I'd love to hear your comments and feedback, leave me a comment below.
This is Stacey Riska, your get it done marketing specialist here to help you ditch the CEO title, chief everything officer so you can finally get your marketing into action.

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Stacey Riska is a serial entrepreneur who eats, breathes and lives marketing. She's on a mission to help businesses stop chasing shiny objects and instead focus on building the foundations of a solid marketing strategy. She's the author of "Small Business Marketing Made EZ" and "Cups to Gallons". When she's not busy helping businesses get their marketing into ACTION, she loves spending time with her husband, a great bottle of red, and chocolate (who wouldn't!)